What causes me to not give up

When you say to yourself, “This feels hopeless, difficult, overwhelming,” what causes you to stick with it?

It’s not just “I believe in me”, it’s the belief that I’ve been given, the ability, the vision, the passion for this. I’ve given birth to something here.  Either I look after it or it dies. This is  up to me.

There is something that drives every entrepreneur.

You are an entrepreneur because a gift has been given to you, and you know it. It is what you have to contribute that drives you. It’s the knowledge that someone needs what you have to offer. You have the unique ability to solve a particular problem, meet a need or fulfill a want.

Often the hardest part is sustaining the courage to keep talking to enough people, and to keep honing your message or the solution you’re offering.  It can become overwhelming, especially if you’re going through a personal crisis.

There was a time when I lost my courage as an entrepreneur. For me, taking a few years off to get a master’s degree and start a new part-time profession has been a refreshing divergence.  I loved the academic study, and my chaplaincy role in Long Term Care. And it has been tremendously confidence-building. But the dream persists to write and edit,  to help others communicate their own entrepreneurial passion with others. And I find I am bringing a new strength and a new perspective to my work. The dream didn’t die – I just needed to develop some new personal resources to sustain it.

Partnering with others

We don’t operate in a vacuum. Our partnership with other people can be a tremendous strength, or the thing that brings us down. In my next blog, I will explore some of the interpersonal dynamics that can make or break us as an entrepreneur.