Are you ready with your elevator speech?

As an entrepreneur you probably try to keep your 2-minute “elevator speech” dusted off. Then when you meet someone on the elevator and they ask you what you do, you can tell them in less than a minute or two about the pressing problem your company solves for your clients. Maybe they will say, “Yes, that’s exactly the problem I have and I am looking for a solution too!” Or maybe they will simply take your card, thank you, and get off the elevator.

Now, it’s possible that your new acquaintance will call you if he or she needs what you are offering. But it’s more likely that they will want to learn more about you first. They will want to know if this is really a fit. Is your product or service the right thing for them? Are they confident you can help them? And they will check out your website.

Are you ready with your website?

A good website is the perfect follow-up to your elevator chat. It will speak for you, but not too loudly or too long. It will inspire confidence in your company, your product and your service.

If I come to your website and you have what I need, I will know it right away.

A good website knows exactly who it was created for, what that person needs, and what they need to know. That’s what makes it such a great business too.

Now…are you ready for that phone call?