Creative web marketing

Find the intersection point between

the poetic and the analytical,

the creative and the strategic,

the ordinary and the beautiful.


Explain yourself:

open up the conversation,

make it relevant,

create curiosity.

Return on investment

Explaining your company is the essential first step of any business. Most companies will benefit from a website. When you leave someone with a business card you also leave them with a lot of questions – unless you have had a brilliant five minute exchange where you’ve effectively gauged their interest, and convinced them that you have exactly what they need. We don’t always have the opportunity to do that and most of us as owner-operators haven’t fully acquired that kind of ability (though it should be a priority to acquire it!).

When you hand a would-be customer a business card, you hope they will be curious enough to pursue the potential business relationship. Do you hope they will call you? Calling is a commitment that fewer people are willing to make, unless they are already convinced there’s a good chance you have what they need and the ability to deliver it to them.  Most likely, if they are curious they will go to your website for more information, and to find out what kind of company you have. Can you afford not to have a website that simply and compellingly explains what you do? Can you afford to have a website that is less than excellent visually?

Time and resources vs. necessity

What do you need to 1) go to the next step and 2) to lay the foundation for the future in a way that’s sustainable?

LAN MD will provide a simple, cost-effective website that you can edit yourself. Then talk to me about what you would like to communicate to your customers.

Business as baby


Entrepreneurship is about survival, but not survival of the fittest. It’s about survival in the way a baby survives to some day do what she was meant to do.

What about this newborn baby, this brand new business of yours? It’s not time to make payments on baby’s first car, or apply to college yet! The parents of a new business look after its most pressing needs, and they begin to lay the groundwork for the future. “Let’s look after this diaper change, this feeding right now, do a little planning for the week and months ahead and somehow we will also begin to think about laying the groundwork for her future.”

My business is to help you explain to others what you do. I ask you the questions you wish your would-be customers would ask you. Then I create something with those would-be customers in mind.

What causes me to not give up

  • my customers… the relationship they have invested in, the service or product they are benefiting from
  • my employees… this is provision for them of a vocation, finances
  • the resilience of the entrepreneur… the belief that I have been entrusted with something that is important to others

When you’re saying to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way,” what causes you to stick with it?

It’s not just “I believe in me”, it’s the belief that I’ve been given, the ability, the vision, the passion for this.

It’s like a newborn… we either look after it or it dies, there is no one else to look after it but us.

I believe there is a spark inside every entrepreneur, every company – a gift has been given to them. It’s about who they are, why they have conceived and nurtured this entity. It’s a belief that someone needs what they have to offer. They have ability to provide the answer to a problem, to meet a need or fulfill a want.

To survive, they need to explain to enough of the right people that they have this answer.

There is something false about traditional marketing, finding out what’s profitable, creating a desire for that product through a manipulative message.

Why you can’t afford to have a poorly designed website

Too many businesses have websites that communicate a lack of excellence. If this is you, it could limit your potential.

Have you ever gone to a company’s website and you just know right away that you weren’t ready to trust them with your business?

You need a website that sets you apart that communicates excellence. It needs to communicate who you are what sets you apart and what is unique about what you offer.

Don’t limit yourself or your company

Do-it-yourself templates can box you in. They so often have features you don’t need and lack the things you do need.

They may seem cheap up front but the price tag can often be much higher in the end.

The sticker price does not tell the whole story.

Why not let us create a cost-effective website that perfectly suited to your business and your message?

Who is your sales person?

What kind of sales person would you rather talk to?  Someone who is

  • personable
  • attractive
  • friendly and direct


  • loud and boring
  • overly ‘talkative’
  • culturally awkward?

Just like people, websites have personality (more or less).

Can you afford to make a poor impression with your website?

Not happy with your website? Why settle for less?


You have a unique vision and provide uniquely positioned products or services. So why settle for a cluttered, cookie cutter approach?

At LAN MD Creative, we work with you to create a professional, clean design and a focused message that will communicate simply and effectively with your potential buyer.

Make an impact online

Emerge from the clutter of words and graphics.

Discover what’s good about what you do and express it- pure and simple.